Civil Society Human and Institutional Development Programme (CHIP)
Call for Competitive Bids for Accessibility/modification work at Health Facilities in District Khanewal
Posted date 23rd November, 2023 Last date to apply 11th December, 2023
Category Consultancy
Status Closed

Call for Competitive Bids for

Accessibility/modification work at Health Facilities in District Khanewal


Civil Society Human and Institutional Development Programme (CHIP) a registered not-for-profit Pakistani company, invites interested bidders to submit Bids for the following broad categories: 

Accessibility/modification of  Health Facilities at Khanewal, Punjab

Accessibility of 14 health facilities across District Khanewal (all tehsils) as per following details:

-       LRBT Hospital Khanewal, DHQ Khanewal,

-       THQ Mian Channu, THQ Kabir Wala, THQ Jahania,

-       RHC Thatta Sadiqabad, RHC Talumba, RHC Sardar Pur, RHC Sarai Sidhu, RHC Makhdoom Pur, RHC Kukkar Hatta, RHC Haveli Koranga, RHC Abdul Hakeem, RHC Kacha Khu  

Specification and quantity for each item of the above stated broad categories is explained in Request for Proposal (RFP)document, which can be downloaded from CHIP’s website and can be requested in soft form by emailing at [email protected], addressed to procurement section.


  1. Quote rates for each item of a broad category stated above and as specified in the Request for Proposal.
  2. Quote competitive rates for each item of a broad category inclusive of Government applicable taxes and any other miscellaneous hidden costs.
  3. Transportation costs (if any) should be mentioned separately
  4. Tentative date for completion/installation/modification is February 15, 2024

Scope of Work:

The successful bidder will undertake the following tasks:

a. Study BOQs and Validation Visit:

-       Review and validate the Bill of Quantities (BOQs) annexed to this proposal.

-       Conduct a validation visit to all 14 health facilities in District Khanewal.

b. Implementation of Accessibility Measures:

-       Ensure adherence to BOQs developed by the technical team at CHIP.

-       Improve accessibility to health facilities, including toilets, optometrist rooms, waiting areas, car parking, and facility entrances for PWDs.

c. Monitoring and Coordination:

-       Facilitate monitoring visits and monitoring teams to ensure compliance with BOQs and project guidelines.

-       Accomplish work in accordance with BOQs and project timelines.

-       Provide progress updates during monitoring visits.

-       Communicate any necessary changes in BOQs or civil work promptly to the Project Manager for approval.

d. Simultaneous Project Implementation:

-       Commence work simultaneously at all 14 locations to ensure timely completion.

-       Coordinate with the project team and health facility staff for a smooth and efficient implementation process.

e. Comprehensive Report:

-       Prepare a detailed report outlining the implemented accessibility measures.

-       Include findings, challenges, and recommendations for future improvements.

-       Highlight any deviations or changes made to the original BOQs and provide justifications.

 g. Project Timeline:

-       Complete the entire civil work within 60 days from the project commencement date.

-       Provide regular progress updates to the Project Manager and address any issues that may arise promptly.


  1. Registered entity
  2. Active tax payers (Income tax and Sales tax)
  3. Credible organization should submit thebids
  4. Company which has no warning letters issued from the government
  5. Company which has not been banned by the government
  6. Organization of Person with Disability-OPD / Organization headed by Person with Disability-PWD
  7. Local/credible organizations from Khanewal District


  1. Company which has received any warning from the government for non-compliance to the registration rules
  2. Company which has been banned by the government for unknown or known reasons
  3. Any relative/friend of CHIP current staff/board members
  4. Any unregistered supplier/contractor


The organization (CHIP) reserves the right to:
 Accept or reject any bid(s) without any explanations and reasons of its own
 Cancel the procurement process due to any reasons of its own
 Reject all bids, change quantities at any time prior to award of the contract, without any obligation to inform the
affected bidder/s.

Apply By:


  1. Last date for the submission of bids is December 11, 2023 till 1200 hrs.
  2. Bids received after due date and time will not be accepted.
  3. Mark each bid with the name of the category as listed above.
  4. Submit your competitive bids by hand or by post at CHIP House, Plot No 05, Street No 09, G-8/2, Islamabad,in a sealed envelope addressed to procurement section.
  5. Bidders are required to transport / supply the items at a designated places/health facilities in Khanewal.
  6. Withholding Taxes will be deducted as per tax rules and deposited into government treasury accordingly.
  7. Bidders are requested to join the bid opening meeting on December 11, 2023 at 1400 hrs at above mentioned office address.
  8. CHIP may award project to more than one organizations for timely completion of the work.