DAI-Leadership within Union Councils (LUC) Project
Consultant-Sector Expert for development of Training Manual on “Leadership Skills” for Local Elected Councilors" for Punjab
DAI-Leadership within Union Councils (LUC) Project
Posted date 12th August, 2022 Last date to apply 31st August, 2022
Category Consultancy
Type Contractual Positions 1
Status Closed

Introduction and Background

DAI is implementing the US Department of State’s Bureau of Democracy, Rights and Labor (DRL)’s funded project “Strengthening Leadership within Union Councils (LUC)”.

LUC is a four-year project (2019-2023) and is working with local governments in Sindh and Punjab to increase the capacity of local councils to fulfill their commitments to providing services to local communities and improve the equitable allocation of local resources. LUC is working with the Union Councils in Sindh and Punjab, various government departments, independent commissions, academia, and local civil society organizations and platforms to achieve the following objectives:

Objective 1: Increase the local councils’ capacity to engage in good governance best practices.

Objective 2: Increase the leadership skills of council members (officials and elected representatives).

Objective 3: Provide councils with opportunities to engage under-represented groups (women, youth and minorities).

In the result of upcoming local government elections in Punjab, a new pool of local councilors will be elected and there are limited opportunities to provide capacity building support to these newly elected councilors. Although the Local Government and Community Development department conducts orientation programs for newly elected local councilors, but still there is a room for a more comprehensive training focusing on LUC’s thematic areas such as Gender Mainstreaming, Women Rights, Minority Rights, Planning and Budgeting process and Leadership Skills etc. LUC’s capacity building program will also complement the capacity development support provided by the LG &CD department for newly elected councilors.    

In this connection, LUC project is seeking the services of a sector expert/consultant to develop training manuals in English for trainers and local elected councilors, focusing on strengthening “Leadership Skills”.

The consultant is expected to assess the existing training materials and Punjab Local Government Act 2022 and develop training manuals for intended trainees. The training resource material will consist of four main components: a) trainer’s manual, b) trainees’ manual, c) the training assessment toolkit, and d) IEC material.

Purpose of the Consultancy

The major objective of this consultancy is to develop a training manual on “Leadership Skills” for the capacity building of local elected councilors in Punjab, Pakistan.

The Consultant will be expected to:

  1. Undertake a desk review of existing literature pertaining to local governance and training on Leadership skills for local elected councilors in Pakistan
  2. Collate feedback from consultations with stakeholders and finalize training manuals and IEC material.
  3. Consultant will develop table of contents and submit to LUC team for agreement and approval

 The modules should cover topics including: (The list of topics is not final; consultant can suggest more topics) 

a)      Introduction and background information

b)     Objectives of training manual/course

c)      Agenda of training

d)     General introduction of leadership

e)     Description of leadership styles

f)       Advocacy, Negotiations, and consensus building skills

g)      Overview of leadership in the current Local Government system/structure (local elected councilors/leaders and appointed officials/leaders) considering SLGA-2021

h)     Leadership role and responsibilities of local elected councilors

i)       Importance of women, minority and youth elected councilors/leaders in incorporating the concerns/needs of their connected communities for development planning at local council and higher level

j)       Building working relationships among appointed officials and local elected councilors/leaders

k)      Managing external relationships (community engagement)

l)       Building partnerships/collaborations to improve LG functions and service delivery (working with Community Based Organizations, Community Councils and adjacent local councils, and District Councils)

m)     Conflict management skills


  1. Each module should have notes/handouts, case studies and exercises for trainees.
  2. Training modules should have illustration/pictorial images for better understandings of content for trainees.  
  3. Develop an assessment toolkit, which includes: an evaluation to be administered both at the beginning and end of trainings to measure the impact of training 

Expected Deliverables

The consultant will be expected to. 

  1. Inception Report with detailed work plan, methodology and suggestions for improving training table of content
  2. In consultation with LUC team, develop and submit drafts of two (02) training manuals ensuring that they are in keeping with the principles of DAI-Pakistan, Local Government and Community Development Department, Punjab, and other relevant Government Departments.
  3. The two (02) manuals, as detailed in the ‘scope of work’ section above.
  4. Submit agreed templates, tools, and IEC material
  5. Submit assessment (pre and post-test) toolkit
  6. Submit meeting minutes of consultation meetings 
  7. Revise and refine the content of the training manuals after receiving feedback from LUC team
  8.  Deliver the two finalized training manuals (English version), described above.
  9. Approval letter from PLGA, Lalamusa/LG &CD department Punjab. 

LUC’s Responsibilities

  1. Oversee the overall development of the training materials and provide feedback on table of content and drafts submitted to LUC
  2.  Process payments on accomplishment of the task according to contract and deliverables met


The assignment should be completed within the period of TWO months. The overall duration of the tasks covered under this Scope of Work (SoW) has been estimated to not exceed (15) consultancy days, including a) Development of Manuals (trainers and trainees) on “Leadership Skills” in English, b) Development of IEC material, and c) Development of assessment toolkit


Skills & Experience


  1. Minimum formal qualification from a recognized university master’s degree in Governance and Public Policy, Leadership Program, Sociology, Economics, or related field

Required Experience and Skills

  1.  Minimum of 7-10 years of relevant experience in developing resource material on Leadership skills to be used for training of local elected councilors in Pakistan
  2. Strong knowledge and understanding of Leadership programs and in particular strengthening of leadership role of representatives from under-represented population (women, minority, and youth) 
  3. Strong knowledge and understanding of Punjab Local Government Act 2022 and legislative frameworks pertaining to LG system in Pakistan.
  4. Excellent skills and experience in developing training manuals.

Apply By:

Submission of Proposal

The proposal should include.

  1. Consultant CV including past achievements
  2. Detailed itemized work plan – including timeframes for submission of drafts
  3. Detailed itemized budget
  4. Previous agreement copies or payment slips.
  5. Proposed table of content for manual
  6. Annexes: Any documents, such as work samples, or other information, which the consultant feels will assist proposal review team in evaluating the proposal.

Note: The proposal submitted by the interested candidates should be inclusive of logistics and taxation, as no separate expense will be paid by LUC for boarding, lodging, or any other incidentals required for the assignment.

Complete proposals should be submitted to [email protected] by 31st August 2022.