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TORs: Effectiveness of Cash Transfer Programming in Humanitarian and Development Program {Readvertised}
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Posted date 23rd April, 2024 Last date to apply 30th April, 2024
Locations Islamabad
Category Consultancy
Status Closed

The objective of this study is to assess the effectiveness of cash transfer programming in

  • Improving the welfare of recipient households, especially in light of the context and situation on the ground and economic conditions.
  • Assess and compare the cash transfer mechanism followed for projects and propose recommendation and best mechanism for future cash transfer programs;
  • The study will be used for both accountability and learning purposes to assess whether the actions of the programs have had the intended results and which lessons learnt and good practices should inform future design and implementation of similar projects.

   Research Scope

  • Evaluate the impact of cash transfer programs on meeting the needs on the ground in terms of fulfilling food, health, education, livelihoods, livestock, agriculture and well-being of recipient households.
  • Assess the accessibility and usability of digital cash transfer mechanisms such as HBL Konnect, Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa and Tameer Bank taking into consideration needs of different target groups and people of all gender and document challenges, issues, best practices and recommendations;
  • Explore the challenges and barriers faced by recipient households in accessing and utilization of cash transferred;
  • Analyse the overall efficiency and effectiveness of cash transfer programming in meeting the urgent cash needs of targeted populations assessing to what extent project include the gender perspectives.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of program design and implementation mechanisms in addressing the gender, assess what extent project include the gender perspectives.
  • Assess the sufficient feedback-mechanism and communication system in place to ensure stakeholders and beneficiaries are heard and lessons learned are captured for project adaptations

   Study Design and Methodology

The study will be based on the findings and factual statements identified from the review of relevant documents, including the project document, the progress report to the donor, as well as the technical reports produced by the projects and the various promotional materials. The mission will also conduct field visits and interviews with beneficiaries and stakeholders. With this in mind, the evaluation will be conducted primarily in English and local languages. Consultant will be responsible to carry out following tasks:

  • Conduct survey and interviews with recipient households to gather quantitative and qualitative data on the impact of cash transfers on fulfilling the needs;
  • Assess the functionality and accessibility of digital cash transfer platforms through user feedback and data analysis.
  • In-depth interviews with project managers, partner staff, local NGOs, INGOs, HBL Konnect, Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa and Tameer to evaluate the effectiveness of cash transfer mechanism;
  • Engage with key informants and community leaders to identify challenges and barriers faced by recipient households in accessing and utilizing cash; Analyse program data and conduct cost-benefit analysis to evaluate the overall efficiency and effectiveness of cash transfer programming.

By following this research scope and indicative approach, the consultant will be able to provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of cash transfer programming in supporting the welfare of recipient households amidst prevailing economic conditions and any emergency in future.



It is crucial for all data sampling to be gender and age balanced and proportionately representative of all communities that the project aims to reach. A detailed sampling strategy should be included in the inception report to conduct this study. The Consultant / Consultant team should ensure that All target communities are equally represented in terms of the number of beneficiaries covered.    There is balanced gender representation. Below are total population and its distribution among districts. The consultant will extract sample based on below distribution;





















    Data Analysis

The data analysis to be included in the report should cover at development and humanitarian context, operational environment such as emergency, relief, early recovery phases, type of cash transfer mechanism used and post cash distribution utilization and impact. The study will also analyse the benefit of cash for women and children as well.  


For generating tabulated reports, the basic analysis should include:

  • Simple percentage of all variables of interest
  • Descriptive statistics of key variables
  • Cross tabulations as relevant
    • geographic location (urban vs. peri-urban), education level, age of respondent

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 Eligible and interested consultant/service provider must submit their application package in soft copies with the subject line “TORs: Effectiveness of Cash Transfer Programing in Humanitarian and development program Pakistan to: [email protected] by or before 11:59 PM, April 30, 2024. The proposals received after the due date and time will not be considered.