Consultant Business Incubation Expert
Posted date 2nd April, 2024 Last date to apply 11th April, 2024
Country Pakistan Locations Peshawar
Category Consultancy
Type Contractual Position 1
Status Closed

Technical Expert for Business Incubation

Project Background:

A Livelihoods Improvement and Vocational Education (LIVE) project Phase-III purpose is to build the capacities/skills of 550 Afghan Refugees of age-group 18-40 from Afghan Refugees and host community Villages/Camps and Urban Cluster across KP Province. In addition to vocational education or technical training specially in Hospitality Management sector, we will also deliver Entrepreneurship Development trainings and Business Incubation activities with previous and new beneficiaries towards their sustainable livelihoods. The business incubation activities will be carried out with the 125 previous beneficiaries and also job placement of 123 internees. Additionally, we will engage 302 new Afghan refugees in hospitality management as well as other market demand driven skills training. In order to ensure the participation of affected people through the project, we designed a strategy to cater to adult learning concepts and the ground reality that daily impacts the capacity of Afghan refugees to incorporate new learnings.

 The proposed interventions of this project are;

 i.  Business Incubation Activities – to help the previous phase technically trained beneficiaries to establish their income generation activities or nano businesses on sustainable basis. This will include business incubation of 125 beneficiaries.

 ii.  Job Placement/Internships – to place trained Afghan Youth in local industries across the country for their further professional growth and development. This will include 123 trained internees from different RVs.

 iii. Hospitality Management & other Market-Oriented Skills Training – to train Afghan refugees with skill development in the hospitality, tourism, and other market-oriented skills training and earn their livelihoods. This will include 302 beneficiaries from Afghan Refugees Villages/Camps and Urban Cluster across KP Province.

 Business Incubation:

We are looking for technical expert services to build the capacity of 550 beneficiaries of LIVE HMT Project in KP to enable them for initiating their own micro businesses and perform better in their jobs in the hospitality sector.  The project will be implemented Afghan Refugees Camps as well as in Urban area of KP. These project beneficiaries include men and women entrepreneurs. The expert will facilitate and provide technical support to these Afghan entrepreneurs on establishing their existing businesses through business incubation process a build capacity of the new selected entrepreneurs in initiating their own enterprises. This process will include mentorship, business counselling, business planning and coaching for the promotion and sustainability of their businesses.

Scope of work and expected outputs / deliverables:

  1. Business Incubation Inception plan with Training Plan with defined schedule.
  2. Pre and post training and learning assessments. 
  3. Training modules on Entrepreneurship development.
  4. Final Business Plans of 125 beneficiaries.
  5. A final analytical report regarding business incubation process for the Afghan refugee entrepreneurs.  
  6. Produce a well-written and comprehensive entrepreneurship development training report based on the above, including recommendations.
  7. Represent model business startups as success story.

Task to be performed by Technical Expert

The technical expert will perform the following tasks:

1: Basic Training on entrepreneurship development (EDT)

2. Advance training on Entrepreneurship Development Training

3. Business Counselling session

4. Business Plan development

5. Technical support in execution of business plan

6. Technical support in business incubation process of implementation.

Methodology: The technical expert should accomplish the tasks in close coordination with the organization. The expert should also review relevant reports on training already conducted (including by development partners) in this area and consult with relevant officials. The technical expert will chalk out the methodology for the overall business incubation based on the TORs. 

Time Frame and Input the Business incubation will be implemented over a period from May 1st to 30th Oct 2024.

Required Skills, experience, and qualification of Technical Expert

  • Master’s in business administration or in relevant field
  • 20 years of experience in the Business development, marketing, entrepreneurship, and value Chain development
  • At least 15 years’ experience in market research and studies and have a strong track record in similar assignments.
  • Working experience with communities on promoting products and developing networking and market linkages development.
  • Vast experience in delivery and facilitation of entrepreneurship development training, business management skills, business counseling sessions and mentorship.
  • Have 10 years’ experience in developing training material, manual and modules on entrepreneurship and value chain development.
  • Familiar with and understand the culture and norms of the Refugees communities in the areas.
  • Strong skills in report writing and communication skills.
  • Fluent in English and Pashto and willing to travel across KP.


The assignment should start no later than the 1st May 2024 and must be completed within the timeframe mentioned in the deliverables below which is based on an intensive cycle to keep and create clear momentum for delivery.

Main activities

Main Outputs


Work Plan align with TORs

Work Plan submitted by expert

Within 10 days from signing of agreement

Submit the EDT Module

EDT Modules, Manuals & Training Learning Materials

Within 20 days from signing of agreement

Conduct basic EDT training for new selected beneficiaries

Training Report on Basic ED Training

Within 60 days from signing of agreement

Conduct Advance EDT training for old beneficiaries

Training Report on Advance ED Training

Within 75 days from signing of agreement

Develop Business Plan

Business Plans

Within 75 days from signing of agreement

Business Counselling Sessions & mentorship

Report on Business Counselling

Within 60 days from signing of agreement

Reporting of the Consultancy:  The consultant or team of consultants will report to the Project Manager.  

Terms of payment: The consultant payment will be comprised of Fee, transportation, accommodation: Payment to cover for the services provided to carry out this assignment as per the TOR.

Apply By:

Applying for this consultancy: Please send your best technical proposal along with CVs of team members including male or female to us on [email protected] with a  subject “Consultant Business Incubation Expert” before the April 11th 2024.



  1. Resume attachment is required.
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