Development of Subsidiary Legislation under the TDR Act 2022 and TDR Rules 2023
Posted date 2nd April, 2024 Last date to apply 7th April, 2024
Country Pakistan Locations Islamabad
Category Consultancy
Type Consultant Position 1
Status Closed

A consulting firm of repute needs to engage a consultant for this short-term assignment, in one of its co-managed projects.


1.        Positions Title & level of effort

  • Legal Expert (45 person days)


2.        Objective of the Consultancy:

  • Develop subsidiary legislations, protocols, procedures, frameworks, etc., aligned with the legislative provisions of the TDR Act 2022 and Rules 2023, and in light of recommendations and proposals suggested under IPA’s devised roadmap
  • Analyze international models, rules and standards in order to ensure the local trade dispute resolution mechanism and framework is in harmony with global requirements.
  • Support in the advocacy efforts for implementation and approval.

3.        Specific Tasks of the Consultant:


  • Meet with IPA team, TDRO, MOC, USAID (if required) to understand the tasks relevant to this scope of work and understand their expectations.
  • Submission of a workplan including activities, proposed methodology, tentative list of stakeholders for consultations, tools and suggested timelines.
  • Desk review of literature relevant to the assignment.
  • Study internationally recognized models, rules, standards, protocols, etc., for trade dispute resolution.
  • Initial drafts of documents required as per the recommendations proposed under the roadmap for implementation of TDR Act 2022 and TDR Rules 2023, including; TDR Mediation, Conciliation, Arbitration, Determination Rules, Establishment of International TDRC Support Desks, Affiliated Trade Dispute Resolution Centers, Criteria and Roster for Conciliators and Arbitration, a Sample Dispute Resolution Agreement for TDRC, Schedule of Fees and Thresholds, Online Case Management System, Blacklist Protocol, Engagement of Advisors and Consultant, Creation of Country Trade Index and other legal provisions, such as exclusive jurisdiction of the Commission, recovery of costs, and removal of any hurdles potentially faced by international parties to participate remotely.
  • Conduct consultations with key stakeholders from public and private sector including, Ministry of Commerce (MoC), Trade Dispute Resolution Organization (TDRO), Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), Ministry of Law and Justice, local Chambers of Commerce and Industry, trade bodies, business associations, ADR and mediation service providers, etc.
  • Finalize documents in light of the feedback received from the consultations.
  • Present the final versions to the Government of Pakistan

4.        Required Qualifications


Required qualifications for respective position are mentioned, below:


Legal Expert

  • Bachelor of Law (L.L.B) or Master’s degree in Law (L.L.M) or other relevant field from a reputed local or international university.
  • At least 12-15 years of experience pertaining to the analysis and drafting of legislation, regulations, rules and by-laws.
  • Priori experience in alternate dispute resolution/ dispute settlement will be preferred.
  • Good understanding of the regulatory and legal arrangements at the federal and provincial levels with regards to trade across Pakistan.
  • Experience of working with the federal and Provincial governments preferably on policy analysis, drafting of regulations relevant to ease of doing business/ business enabling environment.
  • Previous experience of working with USAID projects and other donor agencies in the area of economic growth will be preferred.
  • Excellent communication and report writing skills.


5.        Duty Station:

The Consultant will work with related IPA personnel, based in Islamabad. Field visits to various locations for consultations may take place.


6.        Duration of the Assignment:

This will be an intermittent effort of 45 days of LOE spread over a period of 3 months. This job is planned to take place as per the start date of on or around April 08, 2024, and end-date of on or June 28, 2024.


7.        Deliverables:

Final deliverable under this assignment will be:

Report titled “Subsidiary Legislation under the TDR Act 2022 and TDR Rules 2023”.


A detailed scope of work is attached with this advertisement.


We are an equal opportunity employer.



Apply By:

Application Instructions:

  • Send latest CV, with 3 references, to [email protected], by Sunday, April 7, 2024.
  • Mention ‘TDR Subsidiary Legislation’, in the subject line. Applications without this, may not be considered.
  • No telephone inquiries, please.
  • Only individuals to apply. No group applications.
  • Only finalists may be contacted.
  • Client reserves the right to reject any or all applications, without assigning reason.


  1. Resume attachment is required.
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