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Posted date 28th March, 2024 Last date to apply 7th April, 2024
Category Development Sector
Status Closed

TORs for Transcriber 

1. The responsibility of the transcriber is to transcribe Urdu interviews in English and follow a verbatim approach. 

2. The transcriber shall ensure contextual translations are done instead of translating exact words out of context. 

3. The transcriber shall fulfil the given task within the assigned period; in case there is any reason the timeline cannot be followed, then the Research and Development Solutions (RADS) team should be timely informed. Last-minute delays will be unacceptable. 

4. Any problem faced during transcription should be reported to RADS Islamabad. 

5. The transcriber will not further hire anybody else for the transcription 

6. All transcriptions should be done according to the RADS transcription format. 

7. The transcriber will submit the transcribed interviews to RADS for review and RADS might revert to the transcriber in case of corrections errors. 

8. The transcriber is bound with RADS during the transcription duration according to the schedule mutually decided. 


 Minimum bachelor's in development studies, social sciences, health sciences and any other relevant fields. 


Prior experience with transcription on Public Health research projects is preferred 

Experience in public Health Research is desired. 


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Finance Specialist

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Outreach & Capacity Building Coordinator

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