Developments in Literacy
Early Childhood Education (ECE) Trainer
Posted date 19th April, 2024 Last date to apply 28th April, 2024
Country Pakistan Locations Islamabad
Category Education
Salary 60000
Type Full Time Position 1
Experience 3 years Maximum Age 45 years
Status Closed

                                                                Job Descriptions - Trainer ECE


The job description specifications will be reviewed on a regular basis keeping in view the evolving role of Subject Trainer.

Job Purpose:

To ensure implementation of effective teaching and learning by planning, developing and directing all teacher education activities under the supervision of the Training Director.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

Fulfills an overall responsibility of implementation of content and pedagogy of National Curriculum standards at program level in all directly managed and partner projects.

 Material Development

  • Review of subject curriculum material for alignment of training content
  • Develop tools and support in carrying out a needs analysis for identifying the gaps in teaching skills of the teachers
  • Develop relevant course content and resources/tools for supplementing the delivery of the courses (guide books, videos, printable material, etc.) which meets the job performance standards of teachers
  • Use knowledge and understanding of relevant issues, ideas and theories for developing and directing  trainings and material development (courses, TLMs, Assessment tools)
  • Design trainings which meet the need of blended learning and face to face learning modes
  • Strengthen the content and the learning tools through field testing
  • Design training material for new projects/partners


  • Develop  and ensure execution of trainings using multiple strategies based on different learning styles and ability levels identified in the needs analysis
  • Develop  annual training Annual Operating Plan and budget
  • Use a variety of assessment and follow up methods before, during and after training to measure the progress the learners are making
  • Pilot the new modules to identify any gaps
  • Ensure training plan is executed as per Annual Operating Plan
  • Deliver training for new projects/partners

 Monitoring & Support 

  • Apply principles of performance based assessment to track the progress made by learners.
  • Visit  project schools to assess quality of teaching and learning and  ensure implementation of intervention
  • Observe and monitors training and conducts CSVs to check on ground implementation
  • Ensure all data is up to date on EMIS and other relevant database and use it to identify training and post training support needs

  Communication & Coordination:

  • Meet with relevant curriculum teams for periodic review and alignment in guides, manuals and tools and streamline training and guide orientation plans
  • Ensure proper dissemination of information between trainers, projects and staff, developing cross-functional coordination, resolving communication issues and encouraging creative problem solving
  • Create systems for resolving issues in a timely and efficient manner while making adjustments as needed
  • Establish, prioritize and ensure teacher development objectives are met
  • Submit quarterly reports on status and progress of planned activities for DIL and partner projects

  R & D Work:

  • Research new techniques and strategies, keeping up to date on international best practices
  • Keep up to date  about latest government policies and decisions and aligning material accordingly

 Capacity Building:

  • Participate in CPD activities and sessions/trainings conducted in house or arranged through external consultants, etc.
  • Undertake research projects to enhance analytical skills

 Subject Specific Skills:


  • Content Knowledge
    • Strong knowledge of pedagogy,  subject matter and well versed with subject specific vocabulary


  • National Standards
    • Familiarity with National Curriculum  and ability to present the curriculum in a coherent manner


  • Inquiry Based Teaching
    • Knowledge of student-centered teaching methods


  • Assessing Learning
    • Knowledge of formal and informal methods of assessing learning
    • Education, qualification, skills and experience:   




  • Education: (Formal degree)
  • Masters Degree from a recognized University in Education and /or specific subject.


  • Qualification: (Certification, diploma in training etc)


  • Certificate in teacher training

 Relevant Experience:

 2 to 3 years of relevant experience in education or development sector

 Skills: (Essential and Desirable)

 Communication Skills:

  • Excellent oral and writing skills in English language
  • Strategic Thinking and Orientation:
  • Ability to apply strong analytical skills in the development of long term and short term plans.

Decision Making Skills:

  • Ability to work under minimum supervision. A multitasking spirit to handle tough situations and stringent circumstances.

Leadership Skills:

  • Ability to provide leadership and guidance as mentor to peers and trainers in accordance with the developmental needs.

Interpersonal skills: 

  • Excellent interpersonal skills including ability to create a climate of trust and transparency.  Fostering team work and performing effectively in a team.

 Technical knowledge/ know how  

  • Competence in assessing needs and developing training plans, material, curriculum, documentation and manuals.
  • Experience in budget preparation and management.
  • Competence in using MS office; Word, Power Point, Excel
  • Ability to use technology to facilitate distance learning


 DIL Core Values and Commitments;


  • Transformation: We transform lives and empower communities by pursuing innovative ideas and approaches that improve students' learning outcomes and soft skills
  • Excellence: We are committed to achieving the highest level of impact through excellence in service delivery and educational products
  • Collaboration: We take a democratic and participatory approach in all aspects of our work
  • Equity: We exercise fairness, compassion and respect when dealing with each other and those around us
  • Integrity: We strive to set high moral and ethical standards for ourselves and to gain the trust of others
  • Transparency: We exercise strong internal controls and transparency and are fully accountable to our donors and the people we serve
  • Flexibility: We drive and embrace change and are willing to try out different, pioneering approaches

 DIL is committed to ensuring that DIL staff is suitable to work with children and have the knowledge s/he needs to uphold and abide by the DIL’s Child Protection Policy.



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  4. Max age limit is 45 on 2024-05-19 to apply for this job.
  5. Requires a minimum of 3 years of experience
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