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Consultancy : Project Post-Impact Research / Assessment Reducing Heatwave Shock and Promoting Preventive Best Practices and Publishing the Report
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Posted date 10th June, 2024 Last date to apply 21st June, 2024
Category Consultancy
Status Closed

                                                                                         Terms of References (ToRs)

For Consultancy Services

Project Post-Impact Research / Assessment  

Reducing Heatwave Shock and Promoting Preventive Best Practices and Publishing the Report 

1.     An Introduction

Doaba Foundation is a non-government and not-for-profit civil society organization. Doaba Foundation’s vision is “Disaster prone communities becoming self-reliant in pursuit of their common interests” Doaba Foundation is executing an Anticipating project in the Layyah District with the title of “Anticipatory Actions for Prevention of harmful effects of Heatwave on Health in District Layyah” the core objectives of the intervention is to enhance the resilience of local community, coordination among district administration and built Heatwave emergency response mechanism. And to reduce health risks and numbers of death rates by adopting Preparedness and Anticipatory Actions during the project in targeted areas of district Layyah.  

2.     The Objective of the Activity:

The objective of the assignment is to generate evidence and support longer terms District level Heatwave Action Planning  

3.      Scope of Work

The consultant/firm will be responsible for the following tasks:

3.1     To document all the impact and learning of the project for future guidance

3.2     To prepare assessment tools (FGDs/Questionnaire)   

3.3     To conduct FGDs, Key informant interviews of beneficiaries & relevant stakeholders.

3.4     Reporting and final publication

4.     Deliverables

The consultant/firm will deliver the following:

4.1     Impact Assessment Inception Report – to be submitted immediately two calendar days of the date of contract signing. This report will include a fully elaborated Impact Assessment proposal including the approach and proposed survey instruments, sampling frames and sampling methodology, interviewing method, number of FGDs and the number of participants and locations, draft questionnaires and other survey tools, data processing and analysis methodology, the outline of the final report and schedule of activities;

4.2     Pilot draft of Report – to be submitted within three days after feedback submission of the Impact Assessment Inception Report. This report will provide the results of a small pilot survey together with proposed changes to the survey instrument and questionnaire;

4.3     Final Impact Assessment Reports – to be submitted during last week of June 2024 for the whole program period. The report will be written based on the submitted and approved outline during the preparation phase.

4.4     Presentation in learning sharing meeting/workshop – to make available to present the findings and report in the event of project closing and learning of multi-stakeholders   

5.     Who Can Apply?

Firms, companies, organizations, and humanitarian and development practitioners/consultants can apply by meeting the following criteria:

  • A Master’s degree in Rural Development, Development Studies, Community Development, Sociology, or a in a related field.

  • Have demonstrated experience work on Anticipatory actions in the face of Disasters and Climate Change

  • Having practical experience to conduct the such studies on the theme

6.     Selection Criteria:

Selection will be made as per the criteria i.e. Financials 35% marks, Technical proposal as per TORs 30% marks, Previous experience and provision of material in relevance to TORS 15% marks, HR competency and short time for deliverables 20% marks.

Sr. No

Name of courses



Unit rate with applicable Taxes

Total Amount with Tax


Consultancy Fee







Composing and printing of reports in hard form






Travel, Food & Accommodation








Note: Please add the TAX at the rate of individual Nonfiler 22%, Individual filers 11%, Firm /organization / Company filers 08 %, and Nonfiler 16 %.

7.     Timeline of the Assignment:

Consultants/firms are required to submit an RFQ / work plan/ work breakdown structure along with technical and financial proposals. The timeline to conduct the assignment would start from June 23, 2024, through June 30, 2024.

8.     How to Apply?

The following are related steps to submit their quotation and financial Proposal;

8.1   Contact person and/or organization name, number, and address. 

8.2   Profile of the persons, humanitarian and development practitioners

8.3   Proposed methodologies of assignment according to the deliverables

8.4   Validity period of the quoted price


Apply By:

9.     Submission Procedure:

Sealed RFQ /quotation must be reached at Doaba Foundation, House No. 02, and New Model City behind DAEWOO Cargo Office near the model town, bypass road Multan Not later than June 21, 2024 at 01:00 pm

Doaba Foundation reserves the right to accept or reject the proposals without assigning any reasons whatsoever.


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