Marketing Intern / Apprenticeship Program
Posted date 16th March, 2020 Last date to apply 31st December, 2021
Category Customer Care
Type Full Time

About BrightSpyre - We work on solving un-employment problem and connect people with jobs, work & learning opportunities. We’re looking for people who are passionate about solving un-employment problem and enjoy their work along with working on solving this problem.


Minimum Qualifications


  • Bachelor's degree students, graduates or equivalent practical experience.
  • Ability to work with actual users to conduct basic research and execute experiments and tests to understand the customer and market requirements.
  • Ability to work with teams to provide key input on products and services based on research results.  
  • Ability to design and develop key parts of the products and services in the intersection of  HR, skill building and technology.
  • The work you have done must be demonstrable through online blogs, marketing campaigns, marketing material, products or services you worked on and that must be demonstrated during the interview process. 
  • The applicant must have a deep understanding of conducting research, small product development, experimentation and testing methodologies that you must have learned during your studies or have implemented during your work.
  • Interest and ability to learn in a team environment with a focus on knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • Strong skills on social media understanding, marketing and growth strategies.
  • Strong communication skills that are demonstrable during work, coordination with teams.
  • Ability to take challenges and learn new skills.


  • Design and develop new products, services or components from scratch or improve existing applications.  
  • Contribute to a wide variety of projects working with software development teams.
  • Build small applications using large amounts of data that demonstrate the trends and hidden facts in the data sets.
  • Work-in and support a productive and innovative team. This includes working with peers, managers, and cross functional teams.

Note: Experience means that you have worked during Semester projects, Hobby projects, contributing to open source projects, or work during internship.