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Short Term Technical Expert - ICT Specialist - Business Enabling Environment
Chemonics International Inc. SMEA
Posted date 12th July, 2021 Last date to apply 24th July, 2021
Country Pakistan Locations Islamabad
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Chemonics International Inc.

USAID Small & Medium Enterprise Activity

Review of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Digital Policy 2018-2023

Scope of Work Summary:

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Government envisions a systematic digital transformation in Khyber Pakthunkhwa by leveraging Information and Communication Technologies for job creation,

connectivity, empowerment and inclusive economic growth under its KP Digital Policy 2018. The Government aims to convert 50% of all conventional transactions into digital transactions and aims to augment digital skills to facilitate the freelancing sector of the province by 2023. The four pillared KP Digital strategy envisions digitization of all SMEs and industries by 2023 and increasing the ICT product exports/ revenue by 100% along with creating 70 thousand jobs by 2023. The KP Information Technology Board is cognizant of the fact that the KP Digital Policy 2018 needs a review to align it with the new market realities amid COVID 19 crisis, merger of erstwhile FATA with KP, and digital innovation taking place globally to make the provincial ICT sector competitive with special focus on the SMEs. For this purpose, the services of an expert (short term consultant) in ICT sector are being sought to review the KP Digital Policy 2018 to assess its effectiveness as more and more businesses experience a digital transformation especially in the aftermath of coronavirus pandemic. The assignment will also focus on, identifying any gaps in the policy by engaging with relevant public-private stakeholders to suggest recommendations for improvement, with a special focus on SMEs.

1.     Position Title & Department:

Short Term Technical Expert - Business Enabling Environment Component.

-     ICT Specialist

2.     General Summary:

Chemonics International is implementing Pakistan Small and Medium Enterprise Activity (SMEA), which is a 5-year, $35 million project that is aimed at improvement of financial and operating performance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Pakistan in selected high-performing industrial, manufacturing and services sectors. Creating an enabling business environment is one of the objectives of SMEA. As such, the Project in its third year of implementation, engaged with the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to identify key areas of collaboration. 

Information Communication Technology (ICT) has been one of the fastest growing sectors in Pakistan with exports increasing by 70 percent over the last three years. Relevant to this rise and the engagement of a major proportion of the large youth bulge in the ICT sector, Pakistan has been ranked fourth globally for freelance development. This presents a huge opportunity for Pakistan to train and create employment opportunities for the youth. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), with the highest young population percentage (over 15 million), is a major contributor to the freelancing workforce, with an expanding mass of entrepreneurs and digital innovators that seek opportunities to grow. In this regard, KP Information Technology Board is reviewing its Digital Policy 2018 with the aim of realizing digital market which include increasing e-commerce sales, commercial success etc.

3.     Objective of the Consultancy:



i.  To conduct a brief situational analysis regarding digital landscape and penetration of

digital services in KP, challenges for expanding the digital base, and access to/of consumers

to digital platforms in KP

ii. To review the KP Digital Policy 2018, identifying policy gaps to update the policy inline

with developing technological landscape and putting forth some recommendations/enabling actions that KP IT Board can take for improved implementation.


4.     Principal duties and responsibilities:


  • Review all the relevant literature listed in, but not limited to, Annex B of this scope.
  • Meet officials of the KP IT Board and other relevant officials to understand their vision regarding ICT promotion.
  • Work as team and in close coordination with SMEA to complete the tasks detailed below and develop a list of interventions that could be undertaken by the KPITB to optimise the ICT sector in KP.
  • Identify key public and private sector stakeholders to be met including, but not limited to, KP IT Board, KP Board of Investment and Trade, KP Planning and Development Department, KP Special Economic Zone Development Management Company, Incubation Centers, ICT sector representatives, IT Parks, Chambers of Commerce, and women owned SMEs etc.
  • Conduct at least 2-3 stakeholder consultative sessions possibly in Peshawar and Abbottabad (other relevant cities as deemed necessary) with the relevant public and private sector stakeholders to discuss policy, regulatory issues along with efficacy of existing initiatives being undertaken by KP ITB as part of the policy. 


5. Specific Tasks of the consultants:

  • Conduct a background situational analysis to understand the kind of business profiles and their ICT products/services in KP. The uptake and adoption of digital technologies and services by businesses as part of KP ITB initiatives stated in the Digital Policy should also be included.
  • Make an assessment around the difficulty/easiness around setting up and doing business in ICT sector of KP. World Bank doing business indicators to be taken as a reference.
  • Review the KP Digital Policy 2018-2023 to review KP Digital Policy in light of the overall economic plans of the KP Government including Azm-e-Nu KP Economic Recovery Strategy 2020-23.
  • Based on local context and in light of international best practices, review the KP IT Policy 2018-2023 in order to re-validate and re-align priorities of the KP government given the emerging importance of ICT sector.
  • Determine the specific constraints and needs of SMEs in the ICT sector hailing from the newly merged districts of KP and recommend inclusive initiatives in the policy.
  • Prepare topics and questions pertaining to the consultative sessions, ensuring participation of businesses from NMDs.
  • Identify relevant stakeholders to be consulted. 
  • Record and report on key findings from these sessions.
  • Conduct a comprehensive review and assessment of digital policy initiatives of KP, including applicable national policies.
  • An objective evaluation and advisory review of the digital policy 2018 of KP, including the applicable regulatory and institutional framework. 
  • Draft a final report that documents the findings and make recommendations.


6.  Job Qualifications:

STTA Job Title

Person Specifications


Level of Effort

ICT Specialist

  • Sixteen years education in areas of Business, Economics, Information Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship or a related field
  • At least 12-15 years of experience working in ICT sector
  • Working directly with Small and Medium enterprises or startups in the ICT sector is necessary with an understanding of their challenges on the policy side and the overall ecosystem
  • Knowledge of the types of technologies for digitization of businesses, especially related to payments and online commerce is required
  • Experience working with the Government on sector wide initiatives and applicable policy/regulations is required
  • Prior experience of organizing, hosting and conducting panels/events/talks/seminars with both public and private sector stakeholders is required
  • Must have excellent written and oral communication skills since reporting and report writing is an essential part of the consultancy


25 days


7Duty Station:

The consultant will be required to work with SMEA team based in Islamabad or Peshawar.


8. Workspace and Use of Personal Laptop and Software(s):

The consultant will be required to use his own personal laptop and must certify that all software used are genuine and licensed; to ensure that the project’s IT resources are protected from accidental destruction or deliberate attempts at sabotage by computer viruses and other hazards.



The consultant will be required to report to BEE Lead or his designee. He/she will be required to coordinate with BEE team during this assignment.

10. Duration of the Assignment:

This will be an effort of 25 days of LOE spread over a period of 2 months. This job is planned to take place as per a start date of on or around August 15, 2021 and end date of on or around October 14,2021 (subject to date of mobilization of consultant).

11. Deliverables:

The timeline for the LOE assigned for each activity as mentioned in the following table will be discussed and agreed with the consultants.






Meeting with SMEA team to understand the scope and objective of this assignment and submission of workplan for the assignment



Gather data and information for a situational analysis of existing technological landscape in KP



Review existing relevant policy documents and meet with concerned officials of KP ITB to develop an understanding around the 2018 policy development process and its implementation status. to identifying and meet relevant public-private stakeholders for brief situational assessment and identify policy gaps



Develop a note on preliminary findings



Finalize the list of participants for the consultative sessions along with agenda and work with SMEA team for scheduling the online sessions



Arrange and moderate online/in-person consultative sessions with relevant private sector stakeholders (especially based in KP-NMD)



Record and report on key highlights of these  discussions



Develop draft report that documents key insights into the ICT sector of KP and make recommendations to update the digital policy



Present the recommendations and discuss feedback from KP ITB



Submit final report




25 days


Annex B: Background Reading Material:

 -       Key findings of SMEA roundtable discussion on issues and opportunities for Digitalization of SMEs in Khyber


-        KP Digital Policy 2018-2023

-        Azm-u-Nau, KP Economic Recovery Strategy 2020-23

-        Other relevant material maintained by SMEA

-        Other relevant documents from KP IT Board

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Application Instructions:

Please send electronic submissions of your CV with cover letter when you apply to [email protected] by July 24, 2021. Please include the position you are applying for in the subject line. Applications without these items may not be considered. No telephone inquiries, please. Finalists will be contacted.

Chemonics is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in its selection and employment practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, genetic information, age, membership in an employee organization, or other non-merit factors.

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