Z.M.K. & Co. Chartered Accountants
Odoo Functional Consultant
Posted date 15th November, 2023 Last date to apply 15th December, 2023
Country Pakistan Locations Islamabad
Category Information and Communications Technology
Type Contractual Position 1
Experience 2 years
Status Closed

Odoo Functional Consultant

Z.M.K & Co. invites applications for Odoo Functional Consultant for their IT Consultancy, CentricSol Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.

Job Description

As an Odoo Functional Consultant at CentricSol Consultants (Pvt) Ltd, the individual assumes a crucial role within the collaborative team, utilizing their expertise in Odoo development, customization, and integration. The responsibilities encompass not only the fulfillment of client-specific requirements but also the assurance that all solutions adhere to industry best practices, including those recommended by Odoo.

JDs include the following:

  • Collaborate with clients to understand their business processes and requirements.
  • Conduct in-depth As-Is Analysis to identify areas for improvement and optimization.
  • Recommend and customize Odoo applications to meet client-specific needs.
  • Execute the end-to-end implementation of Odoo solutions, ensuring successful deployment.
  • Drive the development and customization of Odoo modules and features based on the client’s requirements.
  • Innovate to enhance the functionality and user experience of Odoo applications, always mindful of adhering to industry best practices.
  • Work effortlessly with cross-functional teams to develop and implement effective Odoo solutions tailored to client needs.
  • Encourage a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing within the team.
  • Collaborate closely with the project lead to ensure effective communication and coordination throughout the project lifecycle, considering client priorities.
  • Contribute valuable insights to project planning and execution.
  • Actively engage in code reviews, ensuring compliance with coding standards and promoting a culture of continuous improvement, including adherence to Odoo best practices.
  • Mentor junior team members to instill best practices in coding.
  • Lead system testing initiatives, ensuring rigorous quality assurance to guarantee the reliability and optimal performance of Odoo solutions, aligned with client expectations, and following Odoo best practices.
  • Proactively identify and address any issues during the testing phase.
  • Collaborate across departments to integrate Odoo with other business applications, ensuring a cohesive technology ecosystem that meets client requirements
  • Provide hands-on support to clients, addressing queries and concerns related to Odoo functionality, ensuring solutions meet or exceed client expectations
  • Offer internal support to team members, sharing insights and best practices in alignment with Odoo standards.
  • Actively assist in developing Training Manuals, ensuring comprehensive documentation of Odoo solutions.
  • Provide training sessions to the client's team, ensuring a smooth transition and effective utilization of Odoo solutions.
  • Stay abreast of industry best practices and incorporate them into solution development, enhancing the robustness and efficiency of Odoo implementations.
  • Stay informed about the latest Odoo features, updates, and industry trends, incorporating relevant advancements into client solutions while aligning with Odoo's best practices.
  • Actively share knowledge with the team, contributing to a culture of continuous learning.

Education & Experience

The candidate must have the following:

  • University Degree in Business Administration, Commerce, Computer Science, or a related field
  • Hold a current Odoo certification, showcasing a high level of proficiency in the platform.
  • Must demonstrate a proven track record of successful Odoo development, customization, and integration in diverse projects
  • Must demonstrate proficiency in the Python programming language, with an acute focus on detail in coding, in line with Odoo best practices.
  • Must exhibit strong problem-solving and analytical skills, proactively addressing challenges within client requirements and Odoo best practices.
  • Thrive in a collaborative team environment, actively contributing to a positive and innovative workplace culture, considering both client requirements and Odoo best practices.


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