Rental DGPS Devices for Land Measurement Survey of GoKP DGPS GS14 or above (preferably Leica GS18)
Posted date 30th May, 2023 Last date to apply 6th June, 2023
Country Pakistan Locations Peshawar
Category Accounting/Auditing
Type Full Time Position 1
Status Closed

  1. 1.      RFQ No.


  1. 2.      Issue Date

May 30, 2023

  1. 3.      Title

Rental DGPS Devices for Land Measurement Survey of GoKP DGPS GS14 or above (preferably Leica GS18)

  1. 4.      Issuing Office & Email/Physical Address for Submission of Quotes

[email protected]

House No – 40-C, Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan Road, University Town Peshawar.

  1. 5.      Deadline for Receipt of Questions/ Queries

June 01, 2023

Queries send on email  [email protected]

  1. 6.      Deadline for Receipt of Proposal

June 06, 2023 – 5:00 PM Pakistan Standard Time.

  1. 7.      Point of Submission

All bids from vendors must be submitted (in pdf format) to: [email protected]  (EMAIL ONLY)



  1. 8.      Anticipated Award Type

The anticipated specific terms and conditions are as follows:

Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)


A Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) is a master ordering agreement that establishes unit prices for a category of goods that will be procured on a recurring basis over a fixed period of time. Individual purchase orders (releases) are issued against the BPA for specific quantities as needed. A BPA places a limit on the total value which may be procured within a specified period of time. A BPA does not commit or guarantee that the project will spend any amount under the agreement, but rather a simplified method of filling anticipated repetitive needs from qualified sources. Offerors are expected to include all costs, direct and indirect, into their total proposed unit prices and fix (guarantee) the prices over the stated period of performance, not to be adjusted unless the subcontract is modified or the period of performance of the BPA expires.


The duration of the BPA is estimated to be for 12 months (June 10, 2023 till May 2024). BPA will specify the general terms and conditions of procurement but will not have any value.


Individual orders will be placed through Release Orders (ROs) issued periodically throughout the validity period of the BPA.


  1. 9.      Basis for Award

An award will be made based on the Lowest Price, Technically Acceptable Source Selection process to the responsible bidder whose bid is responsive to the terms of the RFP and is most advantageous to DAI, considering price or/and other factors included in the RFP. To be considered for award, bidders must meet the requirements identified in Section 12, “Determination of Responsibility”.

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