Lodhran Pilot Project
ToRs for Strengthening of CSOs to Improve the knowledge of organizational policies and bylaws under “CSO’s Building Resilience through Improved Delivery, Governance and Empowerment Programme (The CSO’s-BRIDGE Program)”
Lodhran Pilot Project
Posted date 9th May, 2022 Last date to apply 23rd May, 2022
Country Pakistan Locations Bahawalpur
Category Community & Social Services
Type Consultant
Status Closed


This consultancy is solicited under an on-going project named as CSO’s Building Resilience through Improved Delivery, Governance and Empowerment Programme (The CSO’s-BRIDGE Program) is a 42 months programme funded by European Union (EU) and implemented in partnership of DEUTSCHE WELTHUNGERHILFE EV, Concern Worldwide and Lodhran Pilot Project (LPP). The main purpose of CSO BRIDGE programme is strengthening of CSOs by assessing their capacity needs, followed by a customized capacity development plan, building formal linkages with line departments of the government and the private sector, training on community awareness and engagement on COVID-19 and capacity building on Youth engagement, social mobilization, needs identification, prioritization and employment promotion. 


The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a direct impact on both the demand and supply of social services and economic opportunities. While there is an increased demand from the citizens, especially the youth for these services, the public sector departments are unable to maintain the existing low standards of service delivery due to immense financial constraints and increased workloads. This has left citizens, specifically the youth predominantly distressed. With the amplification of these trends, the realities of this crisis have triggered reconsideration of several beliefs, with possible effects on long-term choices for the economy and society. These effects range from attitudes about efficiency versus resilience and our approach to problems that affect us all and call for global and collective action—such as pandemics and climate change—to the role of government and institutions. There is potential for a long-term shift in how institutions support people, through safety nets and a more inclusive social contract. These trainings would complement the institutional development and will strengthen the capacities The Pakistani government has scrambled all departments and personnel towards efforts to control transmission and ensure isolation of those testing positive for COVID-19. The effort is monumental as far as disseminating correct information and encouraging social distancing practices is concerned. Multiple organizations are working towards these common goals and are currently insufficient given the massive population to be made aware. 

Purpose of the consultancy 

Under the supervision and technical guidelines of Lodhran Pilot Project, the consultant, will undertake the following training with 10 CSOs staff; 

  1. Laws and rules for CSOs (record keeping, Organizational policies, bylaws, roles and responsibilities) (20 participants 10 CSOs x 3 days) (10 Trainings of total 30 days and 20 participants per day) 

Financial Proposal Submission Terms

Submission of 02 financial proposals for above mention training topic for 10 CSOs (training participants details and duration (days) are mention with topic excluding need assessment before training and time for training report after completion of training) 

  1. Financial proposal only for training manual/material development and content delivery (trainers logistics/boarding etc. will be consultant responsibility)
  2. Financial proposal including all arrangements of training like manual development, content delivery, arrangements of hall for group of 20 participants in training session, lunch and tea, stationary, charts, multimedia, water, Pana flexes, certificates and participant travel allowance (about 500 PKR per person per day) will be ensured with COVID-19 SOPs by consultant, organization will be responsible of trainee’s participation

Specific objectives of the consultancy 

To enhance the knowledge and capacity of CSO members and office bearers on record-keeping, documentation, roles and responsibilities and other relevant aspects; development/ updating of HR, finance and procurement systems and manuals, installation and operationalization of ICT-enabled systems etc.

Expected Deliverables 

  • CSOs training Need Assessment & Capacity Need Assessment by Consultant
  • Finalization of CSOs s' Capacity Development Plans (CDP) in the light of capacity & Needs Assessment report/analysis by consultant
  • Preparation and planning for CSOs capacity building
  • Timely imparting of all training sessions by consultant as per project brief
  • Preparation of modules and Session Plans on relevant training topic and finalization
  • Session planning and arrangements for targeted CSOs
  • Preparation and execution plan submission with CSOs to LPP
  • Submission of each training initial report by consultant to LPP
  • Resource material development including manuals, modules, PowerPoint presentations, pre-tests, posttests, Evaluation, analysis of each training conducted and training reports (more structured, and include maximum relevant information).
  • Sharing of material in soft with CSO’s and ensure the action plan submission to LPP by each CSO within one week of training completion of a CSO 

Person/consultant specification/minimum requirements 

  • University degree in social sciences, etc.
  • At least 7 years of experience in data management and analysis and, or projects requiring an extensive data and information management component
  • Proven experience of coordinating and working collaboratively with multiple internal and external stakeholders
  • Demonstrated working knowledge
  • Knowledge of organizational policies, bylaws, roles & responsibilities and record maintenance
  • Capacity to conduct parallel training sessions in one day with CSOs
  • Sign language translator is compulsory for Bahawalpur Deaf and Dumb CSO 

Place of assignment 

-          District Bahawalpur (venues to be decided later) 


-          Travel is not anticipated within the scope of this ToR. 


Overall time span to need assessment, design and deliver trainings and reporting under the proposed consultancy would be 40 days from signing of the agreement.

Apply By:

Terms & Conditions:    

  1. Rates: The prices must be inclusive of all applicable taxes.
  2. Certificate: Please provide copy of your National Tax Number/CNIC
  3. Payment Terms: Payment will be release through cross cheque on satisfactory completion of supplies /services as per agreed term and conditions in the purchase order, upon submission of Invoice / supporting documents for the said supplies / services.
  4. Taxes: Tax will be deducted at source as per Govt. of Pakistan tax law / FBR’s updated guidelines
  5. If GST is applicable, Supplier must quote the unit rate inclusive of GST, in case of supplier is a GST registered and will provide the sale tax invoice then (GST should be mentioned separate from unit price).
  6. Ethics: Suppliers must not be engaged in any child labour, human rights abuses, corruption, fraudulent, collusive or coercive practices including but not limited to applying/ bidding by multiple names / companies. If any bidder is found to be involved in such practices his/her bid may be rejected and the companies in question permanently black listed.
  7. Validity of Rates: Please clearly mention the validity period for this quotation including the Date, Month and Year.

Criteria: Lowest price will not be the sole criteria; quality, delivery time and previous experience will also be considered. Bid committee reserves the right to change the quantities or cancel/reject any or all offers without assigning any reason.

Interested individuals/firms are invited to submit Technical /Financial proposal in a sealed envelope to Chief Executive Officer Lodhran Pilot Project on or before 23rd May 2022. Technical and financial proposals should contain following documents.

Address: Chief Executive Officer, Lodhran Pilot Project, Multan Public School Road, Opposite Wapda Town Phase 1, House # 02, Multan. Phone: 0608-362928/0608-361030

  • Cover letter detailing the consultant’s/ firms’ suitability for the assignment, relevant experience and current contact information
  • letter of interest, highlighting examples of successful undertaking of similar work
  • The financial proposal detailing the overall cost and technical proposal along with key topics to be covered under the solicited trainings
  • A short description of the methodology to undertake the assignment
  • Profiles/CVs of key person (s) to be involved for the assignment
  • At least one relevant example of previous assignment of similar nature carried out preferably in South Punjab with National and or international NGOs/UN agency (LPP will strictly ensure the confidentiality of the report(s).)
  • For any clarification regarding the scope of the assignment, please submit your queries at  [email protected]


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