Action Against hunger
IYCF Counsellor-Temporary Position
Action Against hunger
Posted date 27th March, 2024 Last date to apply 5th April, 2024
Country Pakistan Locations Sukkur
Category Development Sector
Salary 73,401
Type Contractual Positions 2
Experience 2 years
Status Closed

Relevant Experience:

Bachelor degree with 1-2 Year working experience in NGO / INGO in relevant position and program (i.e., CMAM & IYCF). 

Job Description:

Action Against Hunger is seeking IYCF Counsellor to be responsible for Assessment of infant and Young Child feeding practices in mothers/care givers at OTP and at community level. Counselling the pregnant women for the preparation of Breastfeeding and colostrum feeding. One to One tailored IYCF counselling sessions to all mothers with children under 5 year and implementation of CMAMI/ECD at OTP/health facility level

Mission 1: Assessment of infant and Young Child feeding practices in mothers/care givers at OTP and communities.

The IYCF Counsellor is responsible for:

  • Conduct Assessment of all mothers with children under 24 months that attend  the OTP programme and at the community
  • Perform appropriate assessments of IYCF needs and malpractices and do analysis and come up with clear recommendations.
  • Conduct detailed assessment of child feeding practices in women that require additional support or reveal difficulties.
  • Assess the mother with mental health issues and implement the tools properly
  • Maintain clear communication with all other OTP staff regarding the status of beneficiaries, including Nutrition Assistant, community mobilizers and Nutrition Officers.

Mission 2: Counselling the pregnant women for the preparation of Breastfeeding and colostrum feeding. One to One tailored IYCF counselling sessions to all mothers with children under 2 years.

The IYCF Counsellor is responsible for:

  • Provide the Pregnant women with preparatory counselling and awareness for early and exclusive breast feeding and colostrum feeding, to ensure prevention of pre-lacteal feeds and bottle feeding.
  • Provide tailored one to one counseling sessions, based on initial assessments, offering practical advice and education to mothers on the key issues of infant and Young child feeding practices.
  • Support the mothers suffering from insufficient milk production with advice on re-lactation.
  • Provide mothers with practical advice on correct attachment and positioning when breastfeeding, timely introduction of complementary foods and respond to any concerns or local taboos associated with IYCF.
  • Utilize the provided education material on breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices, relaying accurate, practical and specific advice for the mother’s need.
  • Ensure a comfortable, calm environment for counselling sessions and maintain good relationships with the beneficiaries.
  • Develop action plan to improve IYCF practice as per national guideline  and give technical guidance for the nutrition teams (Nutrition Assistant/Lady Health Visitor/Lady Health Worker/Community Health Worker)
  • Provide appropriate counseling and awareness sessions for PLWs, care takers of OTP beneficiaries and mother groups on breast feeding ,complementary feeding and maternal and child nutrition
  • Produce monthly report regarding IYCF activities and submit to project manager on time

Mission 3: Network and coordinate with the relevant sectors:

The IYCF Counsellor is responsible to:

  • Establish good Relationship with the health facility staff (Medical Officer, Female Medical Officer, LHV, Nurse, etc.,) and Community leaders.
  • Establish a network with the other actors in the working area (I/NGOs and DOH).
  • Establish linked and meetings with the Community leaders and different group existing in the working area.
  • Respond and coordinate properly with Nutrition Officer representing ACF.
  • Establish a good understanding of the program within the community.
  • Inform ACF Nutrition Officer and Project Manager any Technical problems encountered related CMAM/CMAMI Program.
  • Establish good coordination with caregivers coming to the OTP for services.

Mission 4: Additional Tasks:

The IYCF Counsellor is responsible for:

  • This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive and the employee will perform other related tasks as required and responsible for reporting and communication of progress and achievement of the specific assigned task.

Mission 5: Ensure compliance with ACFs gender equality, child protection sensitivity and safeguarding policies

  • Read and ensure a full understanding of ACFs Gender, Child Protection and other safeguarding policies  
  • Implement all work related activities with a gender, inclusion and child protection lens
  • Help build an inclusive office environment where people do not feel disadvantaged or judged according to their gender or limited due to manageable disability

Disclaimer: Please note that this position is subject to the approval and successful initiation of the future project associated with it. The recruitment process, including the selection of candidates, is being conducted in anticipation of the project's approval. However, the final decision about placing the job offer is subject to the obtaining and commencement of the future project.

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