Proposals for Legal Consultancy Service Agreement
Posted date 2nd April, 2024 Last date to apply 30th April, 2024
Category Tender
Position 1
Status Closed

An international development organization duly registered in Pakistan with Ministry of Interior as per INGOS policy 2015 is looking for a legal consultant/firm who should possess strong written and verbal communication skills and should be able to explain the legal aspects or matters pertaining to the development organizations in Pakistan as per prevailing local govt/NGOs/INGOs laws, amendments, compliance etc and further to keep the Pakistan office updated at all times.


1. Ensuring compliance of local/govt laws pertaining to NGOs/INGOs.
2. Strategizing with management to maximize legal compliance in its operations.
3. Responsible to keep the organization updated on legal matter as mentioned in the contract at all times.
4. Assess and research difficult legal issues pertaining to NGOs/INGOs in Pakistan and identify solutions.
5. Communicating with management to explain legal issues.
6. Issuing/Responding to legal notices, advise on legal issues and formalities.
7. Evaluate legal regulations and suggest policies that diminish legal complications.
8. Recommend legal strategies that align with the organization goals and remain updated with Laws
implemented in Pakistan specifically for NGOS/INGOS.
9. Preparation of appeal, written arguments after due research to support the appeal documents for
any legal opinion or on any litigation matters.


  • Informing the Pakistan office about any irregularities or contradictions with the country law ensuring
  • smooth operations within the country law at all time.
  • Inform the Pakistan office about new developments in the governmental policies, laws, rules,
  • regulations, etc. in Pakistan specifically related to NGOS/INGOS.
  • If in the course of implementation of the contract circumstances arise which affect or make
  • impossible the timely provision of services, the complete fulfilment of the task or the quality of the
  • result, the Contractor shall inform the Client immediately of such circumstances and the expected
  • impairments.



  • Person/Firm must be registered with the Bar Council and must have atleast Master's degree in Law.
  • Having atleast five years's experience of working with different NGOs/INGOs specifically dealing with the legal matters.
  • Strong attention to detail with excellent analytical skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Solid grip on research of country laws in Pakistan.

The ability to develop strong working relationships and maintaining work ethics.

Required Essentials:

Confidentiality - Maintain confidentiality of all information, records, communication, assets, partners, staff and plans of the organization.
Non-Criminal Record - The candidate/firm must not be involved in any criminal or any anti-social activity.

Child Safeguarding - We need to keep children safe so our selection process, which includes rigorous background checks, reflects our commitment to the protection of children from abuse. The candidate must not be involved in any act against child rights and any form of child abuse.


The Contractor shall receive Rs. _____________ on monthly basis for the performance of the services within the framework of the TORS with regards to the provision of legal opinion. Whereas, for the litigation matters, remuneration will be paid seperately as per the agreed schedule of payment and will be agreed depending upon the  nature and demand of the litigation process.

These amount will include all statutory value added taxes and out of pocket expenses. According to the offer submitted by the Contractor, this amount comprises all fees and salaries of the Contractor and the personnel commissioned by him within the framework of this activity.

As a Contractor, firm shall itself deal with social security and tax requirements relating to said fee and assignment and with-holding tax at source as per tax laws will be deducted by the client at the time of payment. The Contractor shall pay all its own costs including those relating to holidays, sickness, etc., out of the aforementioned fee.

All remuneration shall be paid by crossed cheque after receiving original invoice on monthly basis in case of retainership and on agreed payment schedule in case of payments against litigation matters.

Payments by bank transfer are made on submission of issued invoices, which include the payee's bank details and are signed by Contractor or by his representative.


We will be very happy if individuals/legal firms becomes a part of this bidding process and submit their proposals based on the TORs before the due date.

Application Procedure

Apply online. Attach two files with your application

 i) Personal / Organizational Profile

ii) Proposal document


  1. Attach your profile and proposal (two separate files in pdf or word format)