M&C Saatchi
Senior Advocacy Specialist
Posted date 15th March, 2024 Last date to apply 30th April, 2024
Country Pakistan Locations Islamabad
Category Advocacy
Type Contractual Position 1
Experience 10 years
Status Closed

Relevant Experience:


  • Qualifications:
  • Bachelor's /Master’s degree in political science, public policy, communications, or related field
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in advocacy, public policy, or government relations, with a proven track record of success.
  • In-depth knowledge of [cause/issue] and familiarity with relevant laws, regulations, and political dynamics.
  • Strong analytical, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to effectively engage diverse audiences.
  • Demonstrated leadership, collaboration, and relationship-building abilities.
  • Experience working with diverse communities and an understanding of equity, diversity, and inclusion principles.

Job Description:

Job Summary: The Senior Advocacy Specialist will play a critical role in advancing the mission and goals of DAFPAK,  a programme designed to Deliver Accelerated Family Planning in Pakistan. This position requires a dynamic individual with proven experience in advocacy, public policy, and strategic communication. The Senior Advocacy Specialist will lead efforts in conjunction with other DAFPAK implementing partners to influence decision-makers, build coalitions, and engage stakeholders to promote DAFPAK at local, national levels.

Roles and Responsibilities:


  • Develop Advocacy Strategy:
    • Lead the development and implementation of comprehensive advocacy strategies to advance the organization's mission and objectives.
    • Conduct thorough research and analysis of policy issues, political landscapes, and relevant stakeholders to inform advocacy efforts.


  • Government Relations:
    • Cultivate and maintain relationships with policymakers, government officials, and legislative staff to advocate for policy change.
    • Monitor legislative and regulatory developments related to the organization's mission and provide timely analysis and recommendations.


  • Stakeholder Engagement:
    • Identify, engage, and mobilize key stakeholders, including community leaders, partner organizations, and affected individuals, to support advocacy initiatives.
    • Organize meetings, forums, and events to facilitate dialogue, collaboration, and consensus-building among stakeholders.


  • Strategic Communication:
    • Develop compelling advocacy messages, materials, and campaigns to raise awareness about the organization's priorities and drive action.
    • Utilize traditional and digital media platforms to amplify advocacy efforts and reach target audiences effectively.


  • Coalition Building:
    • Lead or participate in coalitions and partnerships with like-minded organizations to leverage collective influence and achieve shared advocacy goals.
    • Coordinate advocacy activities and resources across coalition members to maximize impact and effectiveness.


  • Monitoring and Evaluation:
    • Establish metrics, benchmarks, and tracking mechanisms to measure the impact and success of advocacy initiatives.


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  2. Requires you to add cover letter.
  3. Requires a minimum of 10 years of experience
  4. Resume attachment is required.