Individual Research Consultant to Conduct Feasibility Study for Innovation Fund
Posted date 25th November, 2021 Last date to apply 1st December, 2021
Category Project Management
Type Consultant Positions 1
Experience 4 years
Status Closed

Relevant Experience:

  1. 3-4 years’ experience in research and analysis. Experience in the startup space in Pakistan will be given preference.
  2. Demonstrable skills in stakeholder engagement, interviews, round tables, workshops, data transcription, data analysis and report writing
  3. Demonstrable skills in using excel and other data analysis tools/key statistical software
  4. Contextual understanding, demonstrated by skills/projects/experiences, of social innovation, startup and SME qualities, equity fund design and dynamics, VC structures, local funding regulations, government systems and policies.
  5. Experience of working with Socio-Economic Development Policy, of Poverty Alleviation Approaches and Data, and/or of Multi-Dimensional Poverty Research.


Job Description:

I)     Objectives


The main objectives of the study include (but are not limited to):

  1. Understanding the need and scope of a rural-focused Innovation Fund, such as:
  • Stage and sectors of existing and possibly new innovations and startups
  • Potential and requirements to scale
  • Mapping of existing institutions and opportunities available
  • Gaps and bottlenecks in the space currently
  1. Initiating evidence-led design of a rural focused innovation fund including:
  • Ticket size i.e. range of funding to offer one startup
  • Type of funding required i.e. Equity, debt, convertible notes
  • Technical Assistance if any required with the funding
  • Runway of funding i.e. duration of funding best suited
  • Due diligence processes required from Investors side
  • Pre-investment support required if any
  • Expected metrics for success
  1. Developing synergies for potential pipeline with intermediaries like:
  • NICs, BICs and ORICS
  • Other entrepreneur support organizations, incubators and accelerators
  • Co-working spaces and existing digital hubs and technology parks
  • Relevant competitions such as PakImpactInvest and Startup Cup
  1. Showcasing and gauging interest of potential co-investors including:
  • International and local angels
  • International and local impact funds
  • Syndicates and venture capitals
  • Corporates and other private sector donors
  • International and public sector donors
  1. Preparing for processes and procedures required for operating a local Institutional Fund including:
  • Understanding the regulatory environment and systems in place
  • Studying past interventions, associated challenges and learnings
  • Banking, financial, and legal requirements i.e. SECP, FBR, Export and Import Bureaus etc.
  • Required governance structures and related decision-making authorities
  1. Preparing a Policy Brief for government and key partners, to suggest a way forward on social impact funds formed within not-for-profit organizations.

II)                    Timeline and Deliverables


This initiative will be led by PPAF’s Innovation Unit . The external Research Consultant will be onboarded for 50 working days over 4 months to conduct interviews, round tables, data analysis and develop the report and policy brief.

Deliverables: The consulting individual will primarily

i)                    Co-lead in stakeholder engagement

ii)                  Lead in bringing onboard survey, interview and round table samples, questionnaire design, interview and round table scheduling, survey dissemination and collection

iii)                Lead data collection, transcription, entry into MIS and analysis

iv)                Lead in preparing the Feasibility Report with findings and formulate evidence-led recommendations for PPAF’s Innovation Fund Design

v)                  Co-lead in preparing the Policy Brief for suggested way forward

vi)                Co-lead in designing the Concept Paper for PPAF’s Innovation Fund

vii)               Provide other technical backstopping/input when needed.