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Terms of Reference for engaging consultant to develop Seed Corporation Act for Balochistan
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Posted date 24th April, 2021 Last date to apply 8th May, 2021
Job Category Consultancy

Job Description:

Terms of Reference for engaging consultant to develop Seed Corporation Act for Balochistan

The Project

GRASP is a six-year project designed to reduce poverty in Pakistan by strengthening small-scale agribusinesses in two provinces: Sindh and Balochistan. The Project will help small and medium-sized enterprises in horticulture and livestock become more competitive by making improvements at all levels of the value chain. GRASP is implemented by the International Trade Centre – the joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization – with active participation from local partners. The project is funded by the delegation of the European Union to Pakistan.

GRASP will take a holistic approach to building MSME competitiveness in agribusiness value chains starting from a deep understanding of markets and working back through the value chain to enable MSMEs and ultimately producers to create and capture additional value. To do this, GRASP will implement three outputs:

  • Output-1. Institutional capacity strengthened and business environment improved for rural MSME development
  • Output-2. Agribusiness service providing MSMEs (run by Male/Female) and their BIOs are capacitated to enhance primary production and quality.
  • Output-3. Commercially operating MSMEs Male/Female) are trained in appropriate environmentally sustainable technologies value and enhance marketed volumes

The assessment studies conducted in the inception phase of GRASP project found that many laws, regulations and acts in Balochistan are either missing or are outdated and obsolete in nature and the project needs to provide support in this area. GRASP project has been requested by the Agriculture and Cooperatives Department, Government of Balochistan to assist the Department in formulating and or reviewing existing policies and or Acts in order that the Department may have its own Acts pertaining to the scope and mandate of the Department after 18th Constitutional Amendment. Accordingly, it was observed that there is a need for the province to have its own law to establish a corporation for the production, procurement, processing, marketing and distribution of seeds.

GRASP project, in this connection, wants to engage a legal consultant to assist the Agriculture and Cooperatives Department, Government of Balochistan to formulate the Seed Corporation Act for Balochistan.

The activity directly contributes to activities given below:

Output 1.2. (Agricultural policies) Agricultural policies reviewed and conducive for enhanced value chain competitiveness.

Activity 1.2.2: For selected laws, regulations, acts and procedures (including amendments) identified during the inception phase of GRASP, conduct regulatory impact analysis with the private sector; and governments’ objective analysis with the public sector to identify challenges and requirements of each stakeholder group

Activity 1.2.5: Engage with relevant government departments and private sector to develop new laws and regulations, and provide support for approvals

Description of Duties/Responsibilities:

The ITC-GRASP project is seeking services of highly qualified legal expert/ consultant to develop and formulate Balochistan Seed Corporation Act. The consultant will review the relevant national and provincial laws and policies with a view to undertake a regulatory impact analysis of existing and correlating Acts, laws and policies in Balochistan as well as other provinces of Pakistan as well as international best practices and evolving trends.

The consultant will be required to conduct bilateral and multilateral consultations with public and private sector stakeholders in coordination with GRASP Balochistan Team and Agriculture and Cooperative Department, Balochistan. The consultant is expected to employ inclusive approach to produce the new Act by engaging with relevant government departments as well as private sectors (including vulnerable groups such as small scale farmers, SMEs and women) to identify needs and challenges which will be useful in developing this new Act and is also required to provide support for its approval.

The Consultant will work under the guidance of the Islamabad based Deputy GRASP Coordinator cum Policy Specialist in association with Balochistan GRASP Lead and under the overall supervision of GRASP Coordinator. The consultant will be required to collaborate with other ITC GRASP staff and consultants working on the GRASP project.

It is the responsibility of consultant to ensure that he/she has obtained the necessary permissions required to perform his/her services under this consultancy contract and for the subsequent dissemination of the information by ITC in any form. ITC maintains the overall intellectual property rights over the final deliverables produced under this assignment.

Expected Outputs and Timeline:


Expected Outputs


Conduct literature review including a regulatory impact analysis of existing and correlating acts, laws and policies at federal level and provincial levels in Pakistan. The review should also include the best international practices (especially from comparable countries) and based on the review, an issue paper should be developed.



Issue paper is produced



Week 1

Together with the Departmental Representative from Agriculture Department and GRASP team, hold consultations with the relevant stakeholders in public and private sectors to identify the needs and challenges faced by government as well as private sector actors to gain understanding of government objectives. Subsequently, come up with a draft outline of the Seed Corporation Act specifically indicating different sections and parts of the proposed Act to show case structure. Along with outline develop a narrative of the proposed provisions and sections of the proposed Act.

Outline and narrative are produced (the areas included in the outline will be validated by ITC and Agriculture Department)



Week 2-3

Present the proposed Act in a PPD in Quetta to present and select policy options that satisfy both public and private objectives


PPD is held


Week 4

Based on the discussions at PPD and feedback received from the stakeholders, develop first draft of the Seed Corporation Act for Balochistan and submit to ITC.


First draft is produced


Week 5

Present the draft law in BRRC and or experts round table after incorporating all suggestions and feedback from stakeholders

Proposed Act is finalized and presented


Week 6

Submit final version of the proposed Balochitan Seed Corporation Act

Final version of the Act is submitted

Week 6


Travel, within the province to conduct consultation workshops and meetings.

Fees: Lump sum fee for the consultancy. Travel and DSA as per UN rules would be provided in addition to the professional fee

Required education, skills and experience:

The consultant should have the following education, skills and experience.


Master’s degree (or higher) in Law, Economics, Agriculture, Applied Economics and/or a closely related field with sound experience of working in Balochistan.


  • 10 year experience in policy/regulatory framework reforms and formulation
  • Practical experience of working with government departments for policy reforms
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of Federal and Provincial relevant laws, policies and Acts

Language proficiency:

  • English and Urdu


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong capacity to design  policy reform documents
  • Experience of legal drafting on agricultural issues
  • Good knowledge of institutions involved at the Federal and provincial level in Seeds
  • Extensive knowledge of institutional and regulatory frameworks in Pakistan and Balochistan
  • Excellent report writing skills

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