Senior Training & Development Officer
Posted date 26th December, 2022 Last date to apply 26th January, 2023
Country Pakistan Locations Islamabad
Category Training & Development
Type Full Time Position 1
Experience 5 years
Status Closed

WOMEN CANDIDATES are encouraged to apply and will be preferred. 

The person will deal with the learning and professional development needs of an organization’s workforce and equip them with the knowledge, practical skills and motivation to carry out work-related tasks.

Relevant Experience:

  • Advanced academic level combined with practical aptitude
  • Extensive knowledge of the full spectrum of national and regional quality and accountability related capacity strengthening tools, models and approaches
  • Experience coordinating the production of reports, briefing papers, manuals and e-newsletters, including the drafting and editing of contents.
  • Experience working with developers, designers or other external consultants to build and manage websites or other online coordination and learning platforms would be an advantage.
  • Experience using online programme management tools would be an advantage.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills and the ability to work collaboratively, flexibly and effectively in a small, dynamic international team.
  • Ability to think and act quickly, creatively and strategically under pressure.
  • Excellent organisational skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English with proficiency in local languages being a significant advantage.
  • Capacity and interest to travel to different location for delivery of training and follow up support to NGOs.
  • Experience in managing and supporting colleagues from a distance 

Job Description:

Program Development and Expansion:

  • Planning, implementation, monitoring and management of Quality and Accountability Program activities comprising of Q&A mainstreaming, CHS, Sphere Standard and Companion standards at sub-regional and regional level
  • Exploring funding opportunities and developing proposals to raise funds for the sustainability of Q&A related capacity building activities at sub-regional and regional level
  • Identifying short- and long-term partnership opportunities and develop plans to support the national and international NGOs
  • Develop partner’s contracts and agreements for short-term and long-term partnership projects
  • Supervise other team members and build their capacity on Quality and Accountability.
    • Identify training and development needs through market analysis, baseline data and consultation with training participants, their line managers and human resources department
    • Ensure quality of training contents
    • Monitor and review the progress of trainees through questionnaires and discussions with managers
    • Experience in using e-learning techniques, and where relevant, be involved in the creation and/or delivery of e-learning packages
    • Develop training package for e-circulation web and facebook announcements
    • Plan baseline / needs assessment exercise for all trainings and develop reports for sharing with RP and management
    • Ensure training content is in line with commitment made in project proposals
    • Support teams in developing concepts, brochures and invitation packages

 Training, Quality and Accountability and Capacity Building:

  • Take overall responsibility for the design, implementation, evaluation and enhancement of training, capacity building support under the project at the regional and national levels
  • Design training sessions and take lead in delivery of trainings along with support of other resource persons. 
  • Work to systematise and standardise our training and quality and accountability support methodologies, materials and resources, making them more comprehensive, accessible and consistently high quality.
  • Design and implement training and development program based on the needs of the organization and the individual
    • ­ Take lead in planning, managing & facilitating the training events
    • ­ Coordinate with Lead Trainer for smooth implementation of the trainings
    • ­ Develop training modules, session plans, manuals and promotional materials
    • ­ Ensure quality of training contents
  • Design training sessions and deliver trainings on quality and accountability skills, tools and approaches at national and regional level. 
  • Support programme staff in the design, delivery and evaluation of training, capacity building and quality and accountability support activities.
  • Evaluate and follow up on training, capacity building and quality and accountability support activities with a view to reinforcing capacities, assessing impact, and building partnerships and networks.  

 Information and Resources Management:

  • Work with programme managers and the Communications Team to research, draft, design and deliver information products and resources for quality and accountability trainings, including manuals, handbooks, and case studies.
  • Take overall responsibility for the design and roll-out of NGO’s Capacity Building Strategy on Quality and Accountability.
  • Expand and enhance the range of online training resources on quality and accountability for NGOs in Pakistan and in region. 
  • Ensure strong documentation and timely reporting of short-term & long-term projects.
  • Write training reports, progress reports, lessons learnt documentation and other program related documentation when required
  • Write annual Q&A reports for sharing with Sphere and CHS Alliance
  • Increase visibility of Q&A initiatives at sub-regional and regional level.
  • Supervise team members in managing Q&A Program data in both soft and hard copies in a timely manner.

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