Terre des hommes Foundation Lausanne (Tdh)
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Terre des hommes Foundation Lausanne (Tdh)
Posted date 19th January, 2023 Last date to apply 29th January, 2023
Category Monitoring & Evaluation
Status Closed


Position in the Organization



Generic Function: Specialiste / Officer

JobTitle: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Employee Name/Surname:

Reports to (Hierarchically):  Project Manager


Reports to (Functional):  Country Director/Technical Regional Advisors

Salary level: B-3-1

Working time in  % :   100

Supervises (Number of subordinates):

Direct: 0                           

Indirect: 2

M & E (NNGO partner)

MEAL Officer (NNGO partner)

Work location (Country + city): D.I Khan district, KP, with Travel to Field Projects Locations and Islamabad upon Operational Need

Job description valid from :    February 2023



General Responsibilities (Overall purpose)


The Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning (MEAL) Officer provides methodological and technical support to teams to ensure the quality of MEAL tools in projects and programmes, working within the framework established by the organisation.


The MEAL Officer ensures that MEAL approaches, methods, tools are relevant and consistent across Tdh projects and teams. S/he helps plan and implement activities requiring specific MEAL expertise.


S/he ensures MEAL is an integral part of all Tdh departments and plays a support role for the rest of the team.


S/he helps develop an institutional culture that encourages critical thinking, collective learning, and teamwork, as part of the organisation’s focus on quality, accountability, and learning. 


The MEAL Officer will support the projects team to develop new tools and databases for capturing all project activities data based on project logical frameworks, HQ reporting standards (Beneficiary counting system and program indicator reporting) as per projects working sectors.  


Specific Responsibilities / Context  (Tasks)




  • Helps project leaders develop and implement monitoring plans that are consistent with the organisation’s orientations.
  • Helps implement an appropriate and effective MEAL system that, where possible, brings together project and programme partners during the monitoring plan design phase and during the sharing and using of data.
  • Plans MEAL activities and oversees their implementation; manages and supervises related resources.
  • Helps produce communication and reporting tools (for MEAL issues) while optimal diffusion of MEAL information.
  • Ensures ethical principles related to MEAL are respected, especially those concerning gender equality, fairness and “do no harm”. Protects confidential data, applies the principles of informed consent, and protects children during the collection, processing, analysis, and use of MEAL data.
  • Ensures project teams take part in monitoring projects and works towards optimal cooperation within the delegation.


Technical support


  • Creates and maintains harmonized filing system for all Tdh projects in targeted areas;
  • Follows up and checks quality of data captured from the field into various trackers and/or databases before submission;
  • Ensures internal directives on MEAL are correctly rolled out within the delegation, and that Tdh teams adopt all Tdh’s existing / recommended methodological guidelines and tools.
  • Helps develop and write sections on MEAL in project proposal (covering indicators, budgets, and M&E framework).
  • Provides technical support during the design of monitoring tools and the collection and analysis of data, working with the Information Management and programme teams.
  • Helps prepare and organise routine monitoring activities and special monitoring projects.
  • Ensures monitoring tools are used correctly during the implementation phase and provides support during data collection activities.
  • Supports data analysis processes and assists in drafting qualitative reports for effective programme management.
  • Provides technical support to ensure that MEAL information is used successfully and adapted to target audiences during operational and strategic decision-making, at the delegation and in coordination with head office, including for institutional reporting.
  • Informs the Project Leader and/or Programme Coordinator of any unmet targets, contextual changes (risks and opportunities) and negative effects on beneficiaries. 




  • Helps build the skills of the teams and partners s/he supports in the MEAL field.
  • Helps capitalise on knowledge in MEAL related issues.


Security and child safety

  • Understands and applies security policies, the Child Safeguarding Policy and fraud prevention policies.





* Reference document : Tdh Competency Framework  

This role requires a mastery of Personal, Social and Leadership Competencies (PSLC), Technical and Methodological Competencies (TMC) and Management and Strategic Competencies (MSC)

In particular:


  • Ability to work independently, as well as to provide support and advice.
  • Ability to create a cooperative and collaborative environment.
  • Command of supporting and advising roles and competencies.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Discipline, precision, transparency, and intellectual honesty.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills (in constructive negotiations) in all areas (internal and external), active listening skills.
  • Flexibility, openness, and adaptability.
  • Results-oriented focus and problem-solving abilities.
  • Ability to learn from negative experiences, capitalizing on errors and seizing opportunities.


As well as the following specific “professional” competencies:  
*Reference Document: Professional competencies framework 

  • Knowledge of project cycle management concepts, processes and tools, and experience in leading participative processes.
  • Expertise in developing, planning, and implementing M&E systems, procedures and tools.
  • Knowledge of and experience with quantitative and qualitative methods in the humanitarian aid/development sector. 
  • Extensive experience in data collection and analysis Knowledge of information management software and tools (statistics, investigation management and mapping).
  • Experience in preparing, planning, and monitoring consultancies in the M&E field.
  • Awareness and knowledge of ethical issues related to M&E: do no harm and sensitivity to gender and diversity.
  • Knowledge of and professional experience in the children’s rights field (protection and health) in the humanitarian aid/development context.



Requirements for the position





Languages: English,Urdu & Pashtu

IT Knowledges:

MS office




Objectives for the upcoming period to be completed on the appraisal interview form with the hierarchical line



Tdh Global Code of Conduct and Risk Management Policies:


Fully complies with Tdh’s Global Code of Conduct and systematically reports any breach to the Code through the whistleblowing procedure: raises awareness within the Foundation on abuse and violence and the rights deriving therefrom, respecting the rights and dignity of children, members of the communities and our own Staff

Commits to respecting Risk Management Policies including: Safeguarding Policies (Child Safeguarding Policy, Policy on the Protection against Sexual Exploitation and the Directive on Staff Misconduct at the Workplace), Safety and Security Policy and Anti-Fraud/Corruption and Prevention of the Financing of Criminal Activities Policies

Commits to reducing the risk of abuse and harm by developing a culture of open and informed leadership within the organization and in our work with children and the communities in which we intervene in.


This job description may be amended in line with the activities or evolution of the Mission.

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