Terre des hommes Foundation Lausanne (Tdh)
Project Manager
Terre des hommes Foundation Lausanne (Tdh)
Posted date 28th November, 2022 Last date to apply 11th December, 2022
Country Pakistan Locations D.I Khan district, KP, with Travel to Field Projects Locations and Islamabad upon Operational Need
Category Project Management
Status Closed

Position : Project Manager 

Job Location: D.I Khan district, KP, with Travel to Field Projects Locations and Islamabad upon Operational Need

Position: 1 

Job type: Contract: 11 months 

Probation period: 3 months

Department/Job category:  Programme 

Last date for application: 11th December 2022, mid night 


Terre des hommes Foundation Lausanne (Tdh) is an International NGO registered in Pakistan. It has been active in KP province of the country and is interested to extend activities to other regions as well. Projects addressed and will address among others Emergency Aid, Child Protection (CP). Tdh has been working with own funds and is actively seeking the support of international donors to increase scope and volume of its activities in the country.

Job description:

The PM is assisting and working under the day-to-day supervision of the Program Manager, in coordination with implementing partners, and with technical support and strategic oversight from the technical advisors (WASH, Health , Child Protection and Education), with focus on Child Protection Activities as organization’s mandate. . He/She is responsible for the direct implementation and supervision of the project in D.I Khan District, KP Province

He/she will be supported by a Tdh CP MOnitors, a Logistics Supervisor, a MEAL Officer, with the aim of supervising the Tdh Field teams, through a progressive delegation of responsibilities.

In coordination with implementing partners, he/she is responsible for ensuring that projects are implemented in compliance with contractually agreed targets, scope, durations, budgets, and donor compliance obligations. Where there are significant challenges to implementation or there is a need for modifications, he/she is required to raise the issue to his/her line managers to address.

He/she works completely in line with the project strategy and Tdh’s Country programmatic strategy as it is defined for Pakistan Floods Response Plan 2023. He/she works in close coordination with the local governmental and non-governmental agencies in D.I Khan, with the cluster system, to develop, monitor and orientate the CP and Education projects.

He/she also acts as the technical lead on all projects sectors, and with focus on child protection and education-related activities in his/her projects of responsibilitiy, with the support of the relevant technical coordinators and/or referrants.

In addition to project management and technical supervision, he/she is expected to lead  needs assessments and provide ideas for project design and implementation at proposal and strategy levels, as well as support on fundraising, recruitment and procurement, liaising and linking with other sectors in general and child protection and education, in particular.

He/she is expected to play a leadership role within the response team, but is also responsible for supporting and building the capacity of colleagues. Eventually, the Project Manager is required to support the capacity building of his/her team to allow for the nationalization of the role.

He/she works with all relevant authorities at district and community level (civil, religious, police and all other services) for a better implementation, acceptance and ownership in improving the conditions to protect children.

General conditions:

The Project Manager will be based in D.I Khan Partner’s office and ensure presence within project areas are part of the job.

S/he is expected to:

1  Line Management and Human Resources Management:

  • Daily supervision of Tdh’s project staff based in D.I Khan and surrounding communities.
  • Participates in team’s recruitment and revision of job descriptions.
  • Ensures the whole team has a clear understanding of the Tdh CP mandate and project in D.I Khan .
  • Lead and manage staff, encouraging effective team work and providing supervision and guidance, including regular and constructive feedback.
  • Reports incidents and difficulties encountered with any staff members to the Program Manager and/or Country Representative.
  • Organises and leads weekly team meetings and provides weekly program update to the adequate persons


2         Project Management:

  1. Develop, implement and monitors the Child Protection and Education Tdh activities  in D.I Khan, in accordance with multiple objectives, activities and targets outlined within current donor proposals and in line with projects’ budgets.
  2. Observe and support implementing partners on achieving objective of WASH and Health activities under joint project.
  3. Build strong relation among partner’s staff at management and coordination levels, by ensuring effective and frequent exchange of information.
  4. Ensure that activities are appropriately monitored and evaluated and proposes, when deemed necessary, amendments to the child protection and education strategy, in consultation with the CP/Education Advisor and the relevant programmatic coordination team at Multi Country Delegation.
  5. Conduct initial and regular assessments of the project and activities’ impact.
  6. Forecasts and follows up on expenditures related to Tdh activities within the projects.
  7. Participates in budget revision exercises.
  8. Prepares timely purchase requests in line with project needs.
  9. Supports required actions by the administration related to protection team management and supervision.
  10. Identifies logistic and admin support needs related to the project and communicates these to the Program and Administration Managers and relevant log/admin support person and enures that appropriate pathways and processes are implemented to comply with accountability of affected populations principles

3 Technical competences

  1. Experience in PSS and case management
  2. Capacity to establish a referral pathway for severe cases
  3. Knowledge of Education in Emergencies programming
  4. Knowledge of project management principles

4 Project Strategy and planning

  1. Participates in designing strategies and objectives for improved support to beneficiaries and contribute actively in its monitoring, evaluation and revision
  2. Participates in needs assessments.
  3. Participates in the review of the strategy for Tdh in Pakistan when requested.
  4. Proposes new activities and assess modalities of response, based on the needs assessed.

5         Database and Information Management

  1. Oversees the implementation of the database and project follow-up (PFU) tools
  2. Ensures data quality management and proper channels of data verification and record keeping.
  3. Ensures correct data protection procedures and filing.

6         Capacity building

  1. Coordinates the capacity building support to the team, relevant local authorities, and community workers in D.I Khan and community groups, as required by the project, specifically on recreational and play activities, PSS, and case management.
  2. Provide technical support to CP and Education team members as needed.

7         Coordination

  1. Works in close collaboration and consultation with the Program Manager
  2. Coordinates with other Tdh PMs, teams, and sector coordinators to ensure implementation of a complementary and integrated response, with appropriate information sharing, internal referrals, and cross-training
  3. Works in close collaboration and consultation with available government structures, non-government actors, cluster system and community representatives in D.I Khan and neighbouring locations.  
  4. Coordinate with other departments (programme and support) as necessary.

8         Representation

  1. Represents Tdh in fora and meetings held at community and local levels.
  2. Develops a network to facilitate the projects’ acceptance and stakeholders’ contribution and ownership.

9         Reporting

  1. Provides compiled meeting minutes reports to the Program Manager and Country representative, including movement plans.
  2. Ensures thatmonthly PFUs are submitted to the MEAL Manager
  3. Contributes to progress reporting for projects
  4. Upon completion of the assignment, submits handover notes.

10     Security

  1. Complies with Tdh Security Regulations.
  2. Reports any security/safety incident and/or risk to the Country Representative

11     Child Safeguarding Policy

  1. Commits to respect the Child Safeguarding Policy. Signs the Code of Conduct
  2. Reports serious cases of abuse on children identified by the Child Protection team to the Country representative. Strict confidentiality must be respected.

12     Others

  1. Undertakes all other duties that may be determined by the Country representative and that are compatible with the job.
  2. Maintains and ensures a culture of strict confidentiality - inter Tdh staff and between Tdh staff and non Tdh employees.




Requirements  :

University degree in the social sciences, in social work, or in a relevant field Is mandatory. Master’s preferred.

A minimum of 3 years’  experience in the progressive management of international projects with NGOs or international organizations is mandatory. Previous experience in emergency response is preferred

Project management experience is mandatory; a relevant credential in PM is preferred.

Experience in protection programming is mandatory; experience in child protection is preferred.

Experience working in compliance with the contractual requirements of institutional donors is mandatory


Skills :

Required qualities: organized, sense of human relations, diplomacy, communication skills, ability to work under pressure.

Desirable: proactive, autonomous, rigorous, analytical, willingness and motivation to work in an international and intercultural context.



Excellent written and spoken English.



Child Safeguarding Policy

  • Raising awareness within the Foundation on violence against children.
  • Providing guidance to employees and others and defining expectations when it comes to preventing, raising, denouncing and responding to issues of child abuse.
  • Reducing the risk of child abuse by selectively recruiting employees and others.
  • Reducing the risk of child abuse by developing a culture of open and informed leadership within the organization and in our work with children.

By signing this document, the employee certifies having knowledge of the present job description