CABI Regional Bioscience Centre (RBC) Pakistan
Livestock Feed Production Sector Expert (Consultant)
CABI Regional Bioscience Centre (RBC) Pakistan
Posted date 26th July, 2022 Last date to apply 7th August, 2022
Category Consultancy
Status Closed

Livestock Feed Production Sector Expert (Consultant)

CABI (Regional Bioscience Centre Pakistan)

Project Summary:

CABI Regional Bioscience Centre (RBC) Pakistan has initiated a study entitled “Pakistan Livestock Feed Rapid Need Assessment”. Main objective of this study is to understand the existing chain actors in livestock feed sector, ongoing operational and regulatory models, gaps and needs of each sub-sector including production, manufacturing, distribution, storage and regulations. This study will help to improve livestock feed sector in country through identification of gaps at each level and capitalizing opportunities with realistic and sustainable recommendations.

Position Summary:

The consultant will work in close coordination with the project manager CABI to carry out following tasks;

  • Coordinate with the Livestock Subject Matter Expert in the design, planning, implementation, analysis, and reporting of the livestock feed production sub-sector need assessment.
  • Identify key actors in the livestock feed production sector for consultation and need assessment process.
  • Develop need assessment questionnaires to conduct interviews with identified actors.
    • Participate in stakeholder workshop to present findings of the study, and have feedback to incorporate in report.
    • Participate in team planning workshop.
    • Provide regular updates to Subject Matter Expert and CABI Project Manager.
  • Conduct a comprehensive literature review on the functioning, development and growth of livestock feed production sector including existing supply/ value-chains, its backward and forward linkages, and identification of resources for livestock feed production, key products, stakeholders involved and market segmentation.
  • Desk review of the already completed assessments done by different actors in the livestock feed production sub-sector.
  • Coordinate with project team to organize interviews and meetings with identified key stakeholders.
  • Identify and document current gaps, challenges and constraints of the livestock feed production sector in relation and not limited to crop production, yields, and technologies available and adapted to local conditions in Pakistan and provide recommendations for the uplifting of feed production sector.
  • Study the knowledge, capacities and technologies currently used in the livestock feed production sector in-country to give a narrative comparison with respect to regional perspective.
  • Suggest and design a possible innovation-based plan for the development of livestock feed production sector in Pakistan.


The selected consultant should meet following requirements for the consultancy:

  1. At least master’s degree in agriculture, DVM, livestock studies or a relevant field.
  2. Minimum of 07 years of professional experience in livestock industry.
  3. Competent knowledge in feed development, feed formulation, feed quality control and overall knowledge of the livestock feed production chain in Pakistan.
  4. Analytical capacity to review, correlate and synthesize information from secondary data; ability to develop analytical reports with sustainable recommendations.
  5. Good capacity to coordinate and facilitate different stakeholders.
  6. The consultant should be able to work to deadlines, under pressure and undertake independent problem-solving.
  7. Full command on Microsoft applications (word, power point, excel) and internet usage.


The consultant will work closely with CABI team and also work in close coordination with subject matter expert.

The consultant will submit following reports;

  1. Inception Report: This will include detailed plan of work mentioning outlines of study, methodologies, questionnaire for each sub-sector, timelines etc.
  2. Draft Report: This will include findings from the literature/desk review and consultation process completed with all stakeholders. Report will clearly state the status of livestock feed production sub-sector including existing actors, their linkages, gaps, opportunities, needs and recommendations for improvement.
  3. Final Report: This will include the incorporation of feedback from all relevant national stakeholders through a consultation workshop. This report will clearly mention the recommendations for livestock feed production sub-sector, and will be supported by a power point presentation to provide a summary of the study completed.


The consultancy/assignment is for two months (08 weeks) starting from August 2022. The work will start immediately after signing of the contract.

Logistics and Administrative Support

The consultant will be responsible for providing her/his own working station (laptop, internet, phone, scanner, printer etc). The project will only facilitate the logistics (travel and accommodation) during the meetings and consultation process with identified national stakeholders for each sub-sector of livestock feed sector.


The remuneration will be awarded based on the qualification and experience of the selected consultant. Consultant will not admissible for any payment beyond the end date of the contract.

Payment Schedule:

Payment will be made after approval from the authorized CABI official against following deliverables;

Stage/ Deliverable



Signing of contract


Week 1

Submission of the inception report


Week 2

Submission of the draft report


Week 3-5

Submission of the final report


Week 6-8